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The Lady of the Lake,
Sacred Feminine of Logres

None of the line items that are included in the following outline are meant to be links.
The outline itself represents the material that is to be covered in the upcoming book known by the above title (available after June 2022).

Foreword by Caitlín Matthews

  1. Introduction to The Lady of the Lake, Sacred Feminine of Logres
  2. Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: The Name “The Lady of the Lake”, Multiple “Ladies of the Lake”, and Other Similar Females
    1. Introduction to the Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: The Name “The Lady of the Lake”, Multiple “Ladies of the Lake”, and Other Similar Females
    2. Meaning and Origin of The Name “The Lady of the Lake”
      1. Introduction to the Meaning and Origin of The Lady of the Lake’s Name
      2. As Title
        1. “Lady/Dam(o)sel of the Lake” (“Dame/Damoisele du/del Lac”)
        2. “Mysterious Lady”
        3. “Enigmatic Faery Woman”
      3. Individual Names
        1. (Mātronā/Modron)/(Morgan le Fay)/(Queen of Maidenland) — son: Maponos/Mabon/Mabuz
        2. Argante
        3. Viv(i)an(e)/Vivien(ne)/Evien(n)e/Éviène/Nivian(e)/Niviene
          1. Ninian(n)e/Ninienue/Nimane/Nimiane
          2. Nimuë/Nimue/Nymenche
          3. Elain(n)e/Helaine/Heleyne
          4. Suniane/Uiuiane
          5. Dame/Damoisele du/del Lac
        4. Nin(n)ian(n)e/Nimuë/Nineve
          1. Nin(n)ian(n)e/Nimiane/Niniame
            • Viviane
            • Nimuë/Nimue
            • Helaine/Heleyne
          2. Nimuë/Nimuè/Nimue/Nymue/Nynyue
            • Vivienne
            • Nimiane/Niniame/Nin(n)ian(n)e
            • Nineve
          3. Nineve/Nenive/Nyneve
            • Nin(n)ian(n)e/Nin(ian)a/Niniame/Nimiane
            • Nimuë/Nimue/Ny(u)nyue
            • Heleyne/Helaine
            • Lady Lile of Avel(i)on/Lady Lile of Avilion/Lady Lile of Avalon
        5. Malvis
        6. Seraide/Saraiade/Celice
      4. The Lake itself
        1. Lac(h)
        2. Lais/Lays
    3. Existence of Multiple “Ladies of the Lake”
      1. Introduction to the Existence of Multiple Ladies of the Lake
      2. “The Lady of the Lake” as the titular name of the female ruler of “Avalon”
        1. Lady Lile of Avel(i)on/Dame L’ile d’Avilion/Lady (of) the Isle of Avalon
        2. Morgan le Fay — has at least one sister who is also the Lady of the Lake
        3. Argante
        4. Viviane — daughter of Dyonas
        5. Niniane
        6. Nimuë/Nimue
          1. As Dam(o)sel/Handmaid(en)
          2. As Lady
        7. Nineve
      3. The fairy who raises Lancelot in France (after the death of his father)
        1. (Mātronā/Modron)/(Morgan le Fay)/(Queen of Maidenland)
          1. Mātronā/Modron
          2. Morgan le Fay
          3. Queen of Maidenland
        2. Viviane/Nin(n)iane/Nimuë/Nimue
          1. Viviane
          2. Nin(n)iane
          3. Nimuë/Nimue
      4. The one who gave Arthur his sword(s)
        1. A “sorcerous damosel” (who may or may not have been a “Lady of the Lake”)
        2. Viviane/Ninianne/Nimuë/Nimue/Ny(u)nyue
          1. Viviane
          2. Ninianne
          3. Nimuë/Nimue/Ny(u)nyue
        3. Nineve/Nyneve/Lady Lile of Avel(i)on/Lady Lile of Avilion/Lady Lile of Avalon
          1. Nineve/Nyneve
          2. Lady Lile of Avel(i)on/Lady Lile of Avilion/Lady Lile of Avalon
      5. The one who imprisons (enchants) Merlin
        1. Viv(i)ane/Vivienne/Nivian(e)
        2. Nin(n)ian(n)e/Nin(ian)a
        3. Nimuë/Nimue/Nymue, as Merlin’s nemesis/replacement
      6. Those magical women who are on their ship to bear away the mortally wounded Arthur
        1. Nimuë/Nimue, Chief Lady of the Lake
        2. Queen Morgan le Fay
        3. The Queen of Norgales/Northgalis
        4. The Queen of the Waste Lands
      7. The fairy who heals Arthur in Avalon
        1. Queen Morgan le Fay
        2. Silver Fairy Queen Argante
    4. Comparison of Other Similar Females to “The Lady of the Lake”
      1. Introduction to the Comparison of Similar Females to “The Lady of the Lake”
      2. Ladies of the Fountains
        1. Introduction to the Ladies of the Fountains
        2. The Lady/Countess of the Fountain
          1. Laudine
          2. Wife of the Lord of the Fountain
        3. (The Lady Lile of Avalon)/(La Dame Gauloise/(Riche et Poissans))
          1. A lady who admired Lancelot; Guerrehes/Gaheris met her by a fountain
          2. The second of the ladies whom Guerrehes/Gaheris met by the fountain
          3. The third of the ladies whom Guerrehes/Gaheris met by the fountain
          4. Whom Gawain found
            • Lamenting in a pavilion
            • Near the Miraculous Fountain
            • She deceived him
          5. A lady who recognises Lancelot
            • After the tournament between the King of Norgales and Baudemagus/Bagdemagus
            • At whose castle Lancelot stays
            • She promised to show him “la plus bele riens”
            • Conducts Lancelot to Corbenic/Carbonek
      3. Maidens of the Wells
      4. Tylwyth Teg (Fair Family)
        1. Bendith y Mamau (Blessing of Mothers)
        2. Gwyll/((Yr) Wyll)/Gwyll(i)on/(twilight, gloaming)/(ghosts, spirits)/(night-wanderers (human or supernatural) up to no good, outlaws of the wild)
        3. Ellyllon (Elves)
        4. (Gwraig Annwn)/(Gwragedd Annwn)/(Lake Maidens)
      5. Ganieda/Gwenddydd — Sister of Myrddin/Merlin
      6. Gwendoloena/Guendoloena/Coventina — Wife of Myrddin/Merlin
      7. Elaine of Garlot
      8. Igraine
      9. Guinevere
      10. Enid
      11. Kundry
      12. Dindraine
      13. Ragnell
      14. Rhiannon
      15. Domnu
      16. Scat(h)ach
      17. Limnatis Artemis
      18. Egeria
      19. Dea Latis
      20. Diana/Dyan(n)e/(Diana Nemorensis)
      21. Mneme/Mnemosyne
      22. Co(-)vianna/Vi-Vianna
      23. Grendel’s mother
  3. Descriptions and Attributes of The Lady of the Lake
    1. Appears as a beautiful, mysterious, dignified woman
    2. Pragmatic, calm, and knowledgeable
    3. Plays a pivotal role in many stories
    4. Positive Traits
      1. A generally beneficent enchantress who acts as a basically recognizable force for good
      2. A mysterious, almost angelic benefactress of Arthur and his court
      3. Compassionate, clever, strong willed, and sympathetic; especially to Arthur
      4. Heavily stresses justice based on the greater good
      5. Helps knights and damsels alike
    5. Negative Traits
      1. Generally characterized as wicked and evil
      2. A villainess and temptress
  4. Her Watery Court/Castle/Realm
    1. Form and Features of Location — “Celtic” Otherworld
      1. In a lake — The Lake
      2. On an island — Avalon
      3. In a mysterious land that may be in a lake and/or on an island — Maidenland
      4. As described by Merlin: “within that lake is a rock, and therein is a fair place as any on earth, and richly beseen”
    2. Possible locales for “The Lake”
      1. Britain
        1. Caer Lleon/Ca(e)rl(l)ion/City of Legions
          1. Isca Silurum/Camu-lôt/Caerleon(-on-Usk)
          2. Caerleon-upon-Dee/Chester (upon the Dee)
        2. Llyn Llydaw
        3. Llyn Ogwen
        4. Llyn y Fan Fach (near Myddfai)
        5. Dozmary Pool
        6. The Loe
        7. Pomparles Bridge
        8. Martin Mere
        9. Blake Mere Pool
        10. Loch Arthur
      2. France
        1. Benoye
        2. Brocéliande Forest
        3. The Lake of Diana
          1. In Brittany
          2. Containing an invisible island
      3. Belgium — Aleines Stream
      4. Italy
        1. Pergusa Lake, in Sicily
        2. Lake Nemi, in the Lazio region
  5. Literary References to “Ladies of the Lake”
    1. Chrétien de Troyes’ Lancelot, or Le Chevalier de la Charrete (Lancelot, or The Knight of the Cart)
    2. Layamon’s Brut (Brutus, or The Chronicle of Britain)
    3. Ulrich von Zatzikhoven’s Lanzelet
    4. Vulgate Cycle
    5. Post-Vulgate Cycle
    6. Owain
    7. Arthour and Merlin
    8. Merlin
    9. La Tavola Ritonda (The Round Table)
    10. Prose Merlin
    11. Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur (The Death of Arthur)
  6. Appendices: Geography, Genealogy, and Timeline
    1. Geography of The Lady of the Lake
    2. Genealogy of The Lady of the Lake
    3. Timeline of The Lady of the Lake

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