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Tristan and Isolde,
Tragic Lovers in Logres

None of the line items that are included in the following outline are meant to be links.
The outline itself represents the material that is to be covered in the upcoming book known by the above title (available after June 2026).

Foreword by Candice Trismegistus

  1. Introduction to Tristan and Isolde, Tragic Lovers in Logres
  2. Sir Tristan, Tragic Lover in Logres
    1. Introduction to Sir Tristan, Tragic Lover in Logres
    2. Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: Tristan’s Name, Other Tristans, and Other Tragic Lovers
      1. Introduction to the Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: Tristan’s Name, Other Tristans, and Other Tragic Lovers
      2. Meaning and Origin of Tristan’s Name
        1. Introduction to the Meaning and Origin of Tristan’s Name
        2. Tristan(s)
        3. Tristram
        4. Trystran(s)/Tristran(s)
        5. Drych/(Dwrst Dwnhaeadn)/(Drustwrn Hayam)
        6. Drust(an)(us)/Drostan/Drystan/Drest/(riot, tumult)
      3. Existence of Other Tristans
        1. Introduction to the Existence of Other Tristans
        2. Tristans
          1. A knight whose name figures in three of the lists of knights
          2. May or may not be the same as the titular Tristan
        3. Trist(r)an the Dwarf
          1. Appears in Thomas of Britain’s Tristran(s)
          2. A nobleman
          3. A knight of the Marches of Brittany, on the Biscay side
          4. His paramour is abducted by Estult li Orgillus
          5. Claims the aid of Trsitran as his namesake
          6. Killed in battle with Estult and Estult’s six brothers
        4. Tristan the Stranger — Ruler of Jakobsland
        5. Tristan the Younger — Son of Tristan and Isolde
        6. Tristan — bore witness to a legal document at the Swabian Abbey of Saint Gall (AD 807)
        7. Turstan Crectune/Crichton — granted Lothian lands by Scottish King David (AD 1128)
      4. Comparison of Other Tragic Lovers to Tristan
        1. Introduction to the Comparison of Other Tragic Lovers to Tristan
        2. Pyramus (and Thisbe)
        3. Endymion (and Selene)
        4. Diarmuid/Diarmaid (and Gráinne/Grannia)
        5. Niall (and Sadb)
        6. Naoise/Naisii/Noisiu/Noise (and Deirdre/Derdriu)
        7. (Cú Culanni)/Cuchulainn (and Emer)
        8. Yeshua (and Miryam Migdalah — his mother’s sister)
        9. Arthur (and his (half-)sister — Anna, Belisent, or Morgause/Margawse)
        10. Lancelot (and Guinevere)
        11. Cligès (and Fenice)
        12. Troilus/Troilo/Troiles (and Brisēís/Βρισηΐς/(Hippodámeia/Ἱπποδάμεια)/Briseida/Criseida/Criseyde/Cresseid/Cressida)
        13. Romeo (and Juliet)
        14. (Sin(d)bad the Sailor)/(as-Sindibādu al-Baḥriyy) (and ?) — as theorised by Rober Ro To
    3. Beginnings
      1. Family
        1. Introduction to Family
        2. Father
          1. King Cibddar/Cynvawr/Cunomor(o)us/Mark/March of Cornwall
          2. King Tal(l)w(r)ch/Tal(l)orc of the Picts
          3. King Meliodas/Meliad(us) de/of Lyones(se)/Liones/Lyens/Leonnais
        3. (Foster) Father/Father’s Steward/Marshal — Rivalen/Rivalin/Rouland/Rowland/Roald/Rual Canelengres/Kalegras/Kanelangres/(of Parmenie)/(le Foytenant)
        4. Mother
          1. Blancheflor/Blanchefleur
          2. Queen Elizabeth/Isabelle/Elyabel/Eliabel de/of Lyones(se)/Liones/Lyens/Leonnais
        5. Stepmother — Agia, wife of Meliodas/Meliad(us)
        6. Half-Brother — Allegreno
        7. Maternal Uncle — King Cynvawr/Cunomorus/Mark/March of Cornwall
        8. Lover — Isolde (La Beale Isoud)
        9. Wife — Isolde of the White Hands (Isoud la Blanche Mains)
        10. Brother-in-law — Kehydius/Kahedin(s)/Kærdin
        11. Father-in-law — Hoel/Howell
      2. Birth — Tristan was born in an unhappy hour
        1. His father had been kidnapped
          1. By an amourous enchantress
          2. Or by highwaymen
        2. His mother, giving birth while out searching for her husband, died of exposure
        3. Place — Lyonesse
          1. Leonais/Lothian
          2. Leonais, Brittany
          3. Isles of Scilly
      3. Childhood
        1. His stepmother tried to poison him so that her own sons would inherit Lyonesse
          1. When she was caught, Tristan pleaded for her life
          2. Tristan’s father granted his request
        2. A bit annoyed with his son
          1. Tristan’s father sent the boy to France for seven years
          2. Under the tutorship of Gouvernail/Governal/Gorvenal
        3. Gouvernail/Governal/Gorvenal later became Tristan’s loyal and competent squire
        4. Tristan is raised by his father’s Steward/Marshal (when father dies, in some tales)
        5. Tristan was kidnapped by merchants as a child
      4. Adolescence
        1. Tristan attracted the affection of King Faramon’s daughter
          1. She gave him a brachet
          2. She later died for love
          3. The attachment may have been unsolicited
        2. Tristan stayed in France more than seven years — learned all that he might learn in that country
          1. He could speak the language well
          2. Tristan laboured ever in hunting and in hawking
          3. He learned to be a harper passing all others
        3. He came home to his father (in the stories where his father is still alive)
    4. Adulthood
      1. Tristan eventually made his way to Cornwall
      2. Rivalen/Rivalin/Rouland/Roald/Rual had been searching for Tristan since his abduction
        1. Arrives at King Mark’s court
        2. Was joyously reunited with his ward, Tristan
        3. Mark learns that Tristan is his nephew
      3. Age eighteen, Tristan fought and mortally wounded Sir Marhaus/Morholt in single combat
        1. Offered to duel Morholt/Marhaus as his uncle’s champion
        2. To free his uncle, King Mark, from paying truage (annual tribute)
          1. Either to the King of Ireland
          2. Or to the giant Morholt/Marhaus
        3. Tristan killed Morholt/Marhaus, leaving a piece of his swordblade in the giant’s skull
        4. Marhaus/Morholt had used a poisoned spear
        5. Tristan sickened of his own wounds
        6. Departed Cornwall to seek a cure
      4. By the advice of a wise woman, Mark sent Tristan into Ireland to be healed
        1. Disguised under the name Tramtrist/Tantris(t)
          1. Tristan met Isolde (La Beale Isoud), the daughter of the king of Ireland
          2. Was healed (cured) by her
          3. Began to fall in love with Isolde
          4. Taught her to harp
          5. In return, Tristan killed a dragon that had been plaguing the king
        2. Tristan met Palomides/Palamedes for the first time (not in the friendliest situation)
        3. Tristan developed a friendship with Isolde’s father
        4. Isolde’s mother discovers that Tristan was the man who had killed her brother
          1. Isolde discovers Tristan’s true identity
          2. The piece of the swordblade was removed from the giant Morholt’s/Marhaus’ skull
          3. Matched with the remaining broken segment of Tristan’s sword
          4. The king then spares Tristan’s life
        5. Tristan and Isolde exchange rings
      5. He leaves Ireland, and arrives in Cornwall
      6. Tristan receives his father’s permission to stay at King Mark’s court in Cornwall (in the tales when his father still lives)
        1. His father and stepmother depart of their lands and goods to Sir Tristan (having not done so already)
        2. Tristan’s father dies (or is dead already in Tristan’s infancy or youth, as some tales tell us)
        3. Tristan eventually entered a rivalry with Mark for the love of Sir Segwarides’ wife
        4. Mark’s initial love of his nephew turned to dislike
        5. Mark becomes engaged to Isolde
        6. Sent Tristan into Ireland to escort Isolde (La Beale Isoud) to Cornwall
        7. On the return voyage, they accidentally share a love potion meant for Isolde and Mark
        8. Tristan and Isolde fall hopelessly in love and become paramours
        9. Mark suspected their affair, having been informed by various vassals
        10. He gave them every benefit of the doubt
        11. Tristan and Isolde were, at various times
          1. Tried
          2. Exiled
          3. Sentenced to death
        12. For the most part, they managed to convince Mark of their innocence and returned to his favour
      7. Tristan is finally banished from Cornwall (for ten years)
        1. Tristan went to Brittany
          1. He assisted the king/duke against an attacker
          2. Married Isolde of the White Hands, daughter of the king/duke
          3. Remembering his true lover on his wedding night, he declined to consummate his marriage
        2. Tristan went to Logres
          1. Where he fought at the Castle of Maidens tournament
          2. Was imprisoned for a time
            • Along with Palomides/Palamedes and Dinadan
            • By Sir Darras/Damas
          3. On his release, he chanced to visit a castle of Morgan le Fay’s
          4. Morgan’s lover Sir Hemison
            • Jealous of her attentions to Tristan
            • Pursued the departing champion of Cornwall
          5. Tristan distinguished himself at the Hard Rock Castle tournament
          6. Tristan was installed as a member of the Round Table, getting Sir Marhaus’ old chair
          7. The only fighting man of the time (except Galahad) who could beat Lancelot in a fair passage of arms
          8. “Renaissance man” — “every estate loved him, where that he went”
        3. Rarely or ever returned home to see how his own inheritance of Lyonesse was fairing
        4. Tristan eventually returned to Isolde of the White Hands, in Brittany
    5. Endings
      1. Tristan was mortally wounded by a poisoned spear
        1. Either while assisting Tristan the Dwarf to reclaim his kingdom
        2. Or while helping his brother-in-law, Kahedin(s)/Kehydius/Kærdin, to sleep with a married woman
      2. He sent for Isolde (Mark’s wife) to heal his wound
        1. Telling the ship’s captain to fly white sails on the return trip if Isolde was aboard
        2. To fly black sails if she was not
      3. When the ship returned, Tristan asked Isolde of the White Hands the color of the sails
        1. Jealous of his love for the other Isolde
          1. She told him the sails were black
          2. When in fact they were white
        2. Tristan died of sorrow and Isolde, finding her lover dead, perished on top of his body
      4. They were buried side by side
        1. A vine grew from Tristan’s grave
        2. A rose sprung from Isolde’s
        3. The plants intertwined, symbolizing the eternal love of Tristan and Isolde
    6. Tristan’s Association with Related Physical Objects/Locations
      1. Tristan’s Cairn (Snowdonia)
      2. Tristan Stone (Fowey)
    7. Geography, Genealogy, and Timeline of Tristan
      1. Geography of Tristan
      2. Genealogy of Tristan
      3. Timeline of Tristan
  3. Lady Isolde, Tragic Lover in Logres
    1. Introduction to Lady Isolde, Tragic Lover in Logres
    2. Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: Isolde’s Name, Other Isoldes, and Other Tragic Lovers
      1. Introduction to the Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: Isolde’s Name, Other Isoldes, and Other Tragic Lovers
      2. Meaning and Origin of Isolde’s Name
        1. Essylt(t)/Iseu(l)t/Yseu(l)t(e)/Yso(l)t
        2. Ysodd/Ysonde/Ísönd
        3. Isaot(t)a/Isotta/Ixolta/Izota/Izonda
        4. Isalde/Isal(d)t/Isall/Iseo/Iseus
        5. Isol(d)t/Ísot/Ísól/Ísodd/Isoud(e)/Iso(l)de
      3. Existence of Other Isoldes
        1. Introduction to the Existence of Other Isoldes
        2. Queen Isolde/Iseult
        3. Isolde/Isoud(e)/Iseult/Iseut/Ysolt/Yseut the Dark of the White (Fair) Hands/La Blanche Mains/aux Blances Mains of Brittany
        4. Isolde — God-daughter of Tristan
        5. Isolde — Daughter of Tristan and Isolde in the Italian I Due Tristani
        6. Essylt of Gwynedd
      4. Comparison of Other Tragic Lovers to Isolde
        1. Introduction to the Comparison of Other Tragic Lovers to Tristan
        2. Thisbe (and Pyramus)
        3. Selene (and Endymion)
        4. Gráinne/Grannia (and Diarmuid/Diarmaid)
        5. Sadb (and Niall)
        6. Deirdre/Derdriu (and Naoise/Naisii/Noisiu/Noise)
        7. Emer (and (Cú Culanni)/Cuchulainn)
        8. Miryam Migdalah (and Yeshua — her sister’s son)
        9. Arthur’s (half-)sister (and Arthur)
          1. Anna
          2. Belisent
          3. Morgause/Margawse
        10. Guinevere (and Lancelot)
        11. Fenice (and Cligès)
        12. Brisēís/Βρισηΐς/(Hippodámeia/Ἱπποδάμεια)/Briseida/Criseida/Criseyde/Cresseid/Cressida (and Troilus/Troilo/Troiles)
        13. Juliet (and Romeo)
        14. ? (and (Sin(d)bad the Sailor)/(as-Sindibādu al-Baḥriyy)) — as theorised by Rober Ro To
    3. Beginnings
      1. Isolde’s Parentage
        1. Queen Isolde/Iseult
        2. King Anguish or King Gurman/Gurmun/Gormund
      2. Isolde meets Tristan
        1. Isolde cures Tristan
        2. Tristan falls in love with Isolde
        3. Isolde is courted by Palomides/Palamedes
        4. Isolde sponsors Tristan in Tournament against Palamedes/Palomides — Tristan wins
        5. Tristan’s Identity is revealed and he is chased from Ireland
        6. Tristan returns to Ireland to fetch Isolde for King Mark of Cornwall
        7. Tristan regains favour with Isolde’s Parents
        8. Isolde is allowed to depart for Cornwall with Tristan
      3. The Love Potion
        1. Love potion is prepared and given to Bragwaine/Brangaine/Brangvein/Brengvein
        2. Isolde and Tristan mistakenly drink it
      4. Tristan kills Sir Breunor — Duke Galeholt/Galahaut and Tristan become Friends
    4. Early Ending
      1. Morgan le Fay’s Magical Drinking Horn
        1. Divergent Endings
        2. Isolde marries Mark
        3. Isolde consummates Relationship with Tristan
        4. Mark learns of Isolde’s Infidelity
        5. Isolde and Tristan caught
        6. Tristan sentenced to Death — Isolde sent to Leper House
        7. Isolde and Tristan rescued and spend time together
        8. Mark fetches Isolde
        9. Isolde sends Tristan a Message telling him to take care of his Latest Wound
      2. Tristan and Isolde of the White Hands
        1. Tristan banished to Brittany — Helps Duke Howell/Hoel
        2. Tristan marries Isolde of the White Hands — Lancelot denounces Tristan
        3. The True Isolde sends a Letter to Guinevere
        4. Guinevere comforts Isolde
        5. Isolde and Guinevere develop long-lasting relationship
        6. Isolde sends a Letter to Tristan — Tristan returns to Cornwall
        7. Sir Kehydius/Kahedin(s)/Kærdin falls in love with Isolde — Tristan misunderstands and flees
        8. Tristan goes mad — Early Ending to Story
    5. Continuation
      1. Isolde finds Tristan mad
        1. Rumours of Tristan’s Death — Isolde goes Mad
        2. Mark stops Isolde’s Suicide
        3. Mad Tristan is Found, Recognised, Brought to Mark’s Castle, and nursed by Isolde’s Love
        4. Tristan banished from Cornwall for Ten Years — Bragwaine/Brangaine/Brangvein/Brengvein finds Tristan
        5. Tristan is injured in a Tournament and disappears again
        6. Isolde learns of the Tournament when some of Arthur’s Knights visit Cornwall
        7. Sir Darras throws Tristan into Prison — Tristan becomes Ill and is Released
        8. Palomides/Palamedes and Tristan repeatedly seek to do Battle
      2. Isolde spying on Tristan
        1. Tristan becomes a Knight of the Round Table
        2. Spies of Isolde and of Mark report on Tristan’s Fame
        3. Mark plans to slay Tristan — Arthur brokered a Truce between them
        4. Isolde and Tristan continue their Affair in spite of Mark’s Secret Knowledge of it
    6. Endings
      1. Tristan’s Imprisonment and Escape
        1. Tristan saves Mark — Mark plots to kill Lancelot
        2. Tristan is mistaken for Lancelot and becomes Injured — Mark imprisons Tristan
        3. Isolde discovers Tristan’s whereabouts
        4. Perceval forces Mark to free Tristan — Mark forges Papal Letters
        5. Mark throws Tristan back into Prison
        6. Tristan sends Letter to Isolde
        7. Isolde orchestrates Tristan’s escape
        8. Mark is put in Prison until Isolde and Tristan arrive safely in England
        9. Lancelot gives Isolde and Tristan refuge in his Castle of Joyous G(u)ard(e)
        10. Isolde shows her Sense of Humour
        11. Many further Adventures ensue
      2. Tristan and Lancelot
        1. Tristan attends the Lonazep Tournament
        2. Isolde remains in contact with Guinevere
        3. Isolde refused to go to Camelot to celebrate Lancelot’s return from Madness
        4. Tristan returned to Joyous G(u)ard(e) instead of Questing for the Grail
        5. Isolde and Tristan have children
        6. Isolde and Tristan die
        7. Isolde’s burial site
    7. Geography, Genealogy, and Timeline of Isolde
      1. Geography of Isolde
      2. Genealogy of Isolde
      3. Timeline of Isolde
Afterword by Trudy Carmany Last

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