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The Round Table,
True Knights of Logres

None of the line items that are included in the following outline are meant to be links.
The outline itself represents the material that is to be covered in the upcoming book known by the above title (available after June 2027).

Foreword by Ash Caton

  1. Introduction to the Round Table, True Knights of Logres
  2. The Round Table
    1. Introduction to the Round Table
    2. Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: The Name Round Table, Multiple Round Tables, and Other Fellowships and Rings
      1. Introduction to the Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: The Name Round Table, Multiple Round Tables, and Other Fellowships and Rings
      2. Meaning and Origin of the Name Round Table
        1. Introduction to the Meaning and Origin of the Name Round Table
        2. Trapezous
      3. Existence of Multiple Round Tables
        1. Introduction to the Existence of Multiple Round Tables
        2. Table of the Last Supper
        3. Grail Table
        4. Old Table vs New Table
          1. Old Table
          2. New Table
          3. Comparison and Contrast of the Two
        5. Queen’s Table of Knights
        6. Knights of the Watch
        7. Table of Errant Companions
        8. Table of Less-Valued Knights
      4. Comparison of Other Fellowships and Rings to the Round Table
        1. Introduction to the Comparison of Other Fellowships and Rings to the Round Table
        2. The Table of the Franc Palais (The Table of the Noble Hall)
        3. The Red Branch
        4. The Apostles
        5. The Fianna
        6. Charlemagne’s Paladins (twelve peers)
        7. The Knights Templar
          1. Of History — The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon
          2. Templeisen
            • Of Non-Arthurian Myth and Legend
              • The Monastic Order of the Knights Templar
              • In Scotland
            • Of Arthurian Myth and Legend
              • A Formidable Force of Fighting Men who guarded the Grail (assumed to be Templar Knights)
              • In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival
    3. Beginnings
      1. Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae (History of Kings of Britain)
      2. Robert Wace’s Roman de Brut (Romance of Brutus, or A History of the British)
      3. Culhwch ac Olwen (Culhwch/Kilhwch and Olwen)
    4. Mediæval Developments
      1. Code of Chivalry
      2. The Knights of the Round Table
      3. Symbolism
    5. Endings
      1. Adventures
      2. Grail Quest
      3. Betrayals
        1. Lancelot and Guinevere
        2. Mordred
    6. Round Table Associations with Physical Locations
      1. Constellations
      2. Earthly Locales
        1. Caer Lleon/Ca(e)rl(l)ion/City of Legions
          1. Isca Silurum/Camu-lôt/Caerleon(-on-Usk)
          2. Caerleon-upon-Dee/Chester (upon the Dee), specifically the Amphitheatre
        2. Venta Belgarum/Winchester
        3. (Roper Castle)/(Round Table)
    7. Appendices: Geography, Genealogy, and Timeline
      1. Geography of the Round Table
      2. Genealogy of the Round Table
      3. Timeline of the Round Table
  3. True Knights of Logres
    1. Introduction to the True Knights of Logres
    2. Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: The Name “Knight”, The Individual “Knights of Logres”, and Non-Arthurian “Knights”
      1. Introduction to the Meaning, Origin, Existence, and Comparison: The Name “Knight”, The Individual “Knights of Logres”, and Non-Arthurian “Knights”
      2. Meaning and Origin of the Name “Knight”
        1. Introduction to the Meaning and Origin of the Name “Knight”
        2. Etymology
        3. Conceptuality
          1. Ancient Warriors
          2. Equites
          3. Cataphracti/Κατάφρακτοι/Kataphraktoi
          4. Equites Cataphractarii
          5. Clibanarii
          6. True Knights of Logres (over 400 so far)
            • Sir Knights in Arthur’s Service
            • Arthur’s Warriors
            • Men of the Court
            • Advisors
            • Courtiers
      3. Existence of the Individual “Knights of Logres”
        1. Introduction to the Existence of the Individual “Knights of Logres”
        2. Number of Individual Knights of the Round Table
          1. 13 listed in Robert de Boron’s Didot-Perceval
          2. 24 listed in Pedwar Marchog ar Hugain Llys Arthur (The Twenty-Four Knights of Arthurs Court)
          3. 25 listed on the Round Table at Winchester Castle
          4. 50 — Robert de Boron’s Joseph d’Arimathie and Merlin
          5. 51 listed in Chrétien de Troyes’ Érec et Énide (Erec and Enide)
          6. 60 — Jean d’Ou(t)remeuse’s/(des Preis’) Ly Myreur des Histors (The Mirror of Histories)
          7. 77 listed in Robert Wace’s Roman de Brut (Romance of Brutus, or A History of the British)
          8. 130 — The Legend of King Arthur
          9. 140 — Hartmann von Aue’s Erec and Iwein
          10. 150
            • The Vulgate Lancelot Propre (Lancelot Proper)
            • Post-Vulgate Estoire del Saint Grail (History of the Holy Grail, or Post-Vulgate Prose Merlin)
            • Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur (The Death of Arthur) lists 111 of them
          11. 191/202/212 listed in Culhwch ac Olwen (Culhwch/Kilhwch and Olwen), depending on how one translates the list
          12. 250 — The Vulgate Suite du Merlin
          13. 1,600 — Layamon’s Brut
        3. Sir King Art(h)ur/Artorius/Art(h)(r)i(us)/(Ard Ri(gh))/Uverian/Uthyr/Ut(h)er/Arthwys/Artad/Arthen/Ar(r)d(d)hu/Arto/(The Green Man)/Arthyr/Arthfael
          1. Traditionally son of King Uther Pendragon and Queen Igraine
          2. So far, represented by 52 main candidates for contributions to a composite “Arthur”
            • 20 “Proto-Arthurs”
            • 17 “Arthurs of Badon”
              • “Arthur the Crippled/Healed” — Arthur/Artorius/Art(h)ri
              • “Arthur the High King” — (High King)/(Ard Ri(gh))/(Major Warlord)/Emperor
              • “Arthur as Uther” — Uverian/Uthyr/(Uther (Pendragon))/(Uter Pandragon)/Utherpendragon, son of Kusten(n)in/Custenin
              • “King Arthur of the Pennines” — Arthwys ap/(m)ab Mor/Mar ap Ceneu ap Coel Hen ap Coel Godebog/Guotepa(u)c
              • “Arthur the Shadow” — Artad
              • “Arthur the Romano-Briton”, son of Romulus August(ul)us and Ygraine (daughter of Kustennin)
              • “Arthur of Brycheiniog” — Arthen, son of Brychan ap Anl(l)ach and Marchel(l) ferch Tewdrig
              • “Arthur as Custennin” — Arthur/Artorius ap Anblaud/Amlawd(d)/Amlawt/Anlawd(d)/Amlodd/Amlwyd/Aflawdd/Amalg(h)aid
              • “Arthur, Duke of Battles” — Artorius (Dux Bellorum)/Soldier/Warlord
              • “Prince Arthur of the Silures”
              • “Arthur, Warlord of Gwynedd”
              • “Arthur as a God” — Arddhu/Arrdhu/Arto/(The Green Man)
              • “King Arthur of Rheged” — Art(h)ur ic Uther/Uibar/Iubur/Iubar/I(o)bhar/Ambros(ius)/Emrys/Embreis ic Biduz/Custennin
              • “King Arthur of Dumnonia” — Arthyr/Arthur, son of Uthyr/(Uther (Pendragon)) (and Eigyr/Igraine), son of Kusten(n)in
              • “Arthur, Duke of Picts” — Art(h)ur Dux Pictorum, interioris Britannia
              • “Prince Arthur of Elmet” — Arthwys/Arthius ap Masgwid Gloff (and Gwenllian verch Brychan) ap Gwrast Lledlwm/(The Raggéd)
              • “King Arthur of Gl(y)wys(s)ing” — Arthfael ap Einudd
            • 15 “Arthurs of Romance”
          3. This does not include 96 additional “candidates” whose names bear no resemblance to the name Arthur
        4. Sir King G(a)wa(i)n(e)/(Gaw Ain)/Gawein/Gauvain/Gauen/Galvagin(us)/Gualguanus/Gwalchmai/Walwein/Walwanus/Waluuanius/B(h)albhuaidh
          1. Of Gododdin
          2. The courteous
          3. One of the three Golden-Tongued Knights
          4. Son of
            • Llew/LLeu and Gwyar
            • Lug(h) and Dechtire
            • King L(i)ot(h) Luwddoc/Luyddog/(Of the Host)/(of Lothian and Orkney) and Queen Morgause/Anna
            • Jascaphin (in Diu Crône)
            • Gwyar
            • King Arthur
        5. Sir King Perceval/Percival(e)/Percyvale/Parsifal/Parzival/Perlesvaus/(Peredur (Paladyr Hir)/(Arueu Dur) — (Long Spear)/(Steel Arm))
          1. De/of Galis/Wales
          2. Of York
          3. The Fair Unknown
          4. One of the three Virgin Knights
          5. Son of
            • Perceval
            • Alain le/li/the Gros/Fat
            • King Pellinor(e)
            • Pellehan
            • Eleuther(ius)/Eliffer/Elidur
            • Earl Efrog/Efrawg/Evrawg/Ef(ra)wc/Eburaco
            • Ragnal
            • Bliocadran
            • Gahmuret
            • Greloguevaus
            • Gales/Giles/Wales Lithauz the/li Bald/Bold/C(h)au(f)s/Chans/Gaiz
            • Gawain and Ragnall
        6. Sir King Trist(r)an/Tristán/Trist(r)am/Tristrem/Tristão/Trystam/Trystan/Drust(an)(us)/(Drustwrn Hayam)/Drystan/Drych/((Drwst)/(Dwrst Dwnhaeadn)
          1. Of Lyonesse
          2. One of the three Enchanter Knights
          3. One of the three Bravest Knights
          4. One of the three Diademed Knights
          5. Ap/son of
            • Tal(l)w(r)ch/Tal(l)orc of the Picts
            • Cibddar/Cynvawr/Cunomor(o)us/Mark/March of Cornwall
            • Meliodas/Meliad(us) (Delyens)/(de Lyones(se)/Liones/Lyens/Leonnais) and Isabelle/Blancheflor
            • Rivalen/Rivalin/Rouland/Rowland/Roald/Rual Canelengres/Kalegras/Kanelangres/(of Parmenie)/(le Foytenant) and Blancheflor
          6. Trystan ap Tal(l)w(r)ch is a known historical personage
        7. Sir King La(u)ncelot/Lanslod ((d(e)(u))/(of the) Lake/Lac)/Lak/(Deulake)
          1. Of Benwick
          2. One of the three Bravest Knights
          3. One of the three Knights of Battle (Battle Knights)
          4. Some say that he is Isdernus as carved into the Modena archivolt
          5. Son of
            • King Ban de/of Benwick/Benoic/Benoyc and Elaine
            • King Pant of Gen(n)ewis and Elayne
            • Domorot of Lokva
            • Haud of Schuwake
        8. High Prince Sir Gala(h)ad/Galahallt/Galath/(Gwalhaved/Gwalhafad ap Gwyar)
          1. The (Chaste)/(Good Knight)
          2. One of the three Virgin Knights
          3. Son of
            • (Lancelot of the Lake)/(Lanslod Lak) and Elaine
            • Gwyar
        9. Sir Kay/Kai/Cay/Cei/Cai(us)/Che(us)/Gaius
          1. Of Caer Goch
          2. Le/the Seneschal
          3. One of the three Diademed Knights
          4. Son of Ector
          5. Lord Cai Hir of Caer-Gai (Caer-Gynyr) is a known historical personage
        10. Sir Bors/Born/Brys/Bwrt/Bohort de Gan(n)is/Ganus/Ganys/(of Gascony)
          1. The Younger
          2. One of the three Virgin Knights
          3. Ap/(son of) King Bwrt/Bors/Bohort/Brysethach/Brvssethach the Elder
        11. Sir Geraint/Gereint/Garaunt/Erec/Eric/(Harry le Fise Lake)
          1. Ap/(son of)
            • Erbin
            • King Lac
          2. Geraint ap Erbin is a known historical personage
        12. Sir Prince Owe(i)n/Owain/Yvain(e)/Uwain(e)/Ewain/Ivan
          1. Le Blanchma(i)n(s)
          2. The Knight of the Lion
          3. One of the three (Knights of Battle)/(Battle Knights)
          4. Son of King Urien(s)/Urience/Uryens De/(of)/O (the land of) Gower/Gŵyr/Gor(r)e/(Degore/Tegyr) and Queen Morgan(a) le Fay
          5. Known historical personages
            • Owe(i)n/Owain ap Urien/Urbgenius/Orobogenius/Orian ap Kynfarch/Cynfarch/Cynvarch Oer/Gul/(the Cold/Dismal) of North Rheged
            • Owain ap Gwrgan(t)/Gwrcantus/Gurgantius/Fergus Fawr/Mawr/Magnus/(the Great) of Ergyng/Erging/Ernyng of South Rheged
        13. Sir Mo(r)dred(e)/Medraut/Medrawd/Medrod/Melwas/Malagrant/Mabon
          1. One of three of the Royal Knights
          2. Ap/(son of)
            • Modron
            • Cawrdaf ap Caradog/Caradoc Freichfras ap Ynyr Honorius Brenin ap Dyfnwal Hen ap Ednyfed ap Anwn/Antonius Dynod/Donatus
            • (Lug(h) Lám(h)f(h)ada/Long Arm/Hand)/Llew(ddyn)/Lleu(ddun Llaw Gyffes) and ?Dechtire?/?Gwyar?
              • Son of Cian/Cein and Ethliu/Ethniu/Ethlenn/Ethnenn
              • Son of Gwydion/Gwydyon and Arianrhod
              • Son of Cadlew ap Cadell ap Decurion ap Cinis Scaplaut ap Lleu Hen ap Guid Gen ap Caradog ap Bran
            • L(i)ot(h) Luwddoc/Luyddog/(Of the Host)/(of Lothian and Orkney) and Anna/Margawse
            • Arthur (traditionally son of Uther and Igraine) and (Morgause)/(Morgan le Fay — only in modern fiction)
        14. Sir Bediver(e)/Bedwere/Bedevere/Belvidere/Beduiers/Beduvius/Bédoier/Bed(o)i(i)er(s)/Bed(w)y(v)(e)r(s) Bedrydant
          1. The Marshal
          2. Master of the Horse
          3. Ap/(son of) Pedrod
        15. Sir Gareth(e)/Be(a)umains/Beaumaris — son of King Lot and Queen Morgause/Margawse of Orkney
        16. Sir King Pel(l)inor(e)/Alynore/Alymer(e)
          1. Of (Listenoise/Listinoise)/(the Isles)
          2. Knight of the Questing Beast
          3. Sometimes listed separately as
            • King Pellinore
            • Alymer(e)/Alynore
        17. Sir Lamora(c)k(ke)/Lamera(c)k(e)/Lamerok/Lamora(n)t/Amorotto
          1. Of Listenois
          2. Of/de Gaul/Wales/Galis/Gales
          3. One of the three Bravest Knights
          4. Son of King Pellinore
        18. Sir Marhaus/Marha(u)lt/Morholt/Morold
          1. Of (Ireland)/(the Iron Mace)
          2. Son of Marhalt
        19. Earl/Duke/Count Sir Cado(r)(ius)/Carados/Cadorcanio(n)is/Cadwr/Cadwy/Gadwy
          1. Of Cornwall
          2. One of the three (Knights of Battle)/(Battle Knights)
          3. Ap/(son of) Geraint
          4. Separate in Malory as
            • Sir Carados of Cornwall
            • Sir Cador of Cornwall
            • There is some indication that Carados and this Cador are the same person
          5. Cadwy/Cado ap Geraint/Gerren Llyngesoc is a known historical personage
            • AD 482/484/490 to AD 520/537
            • Could be Gadwy/Cado ap/(son of) Geraint/Gerren Llyngesoc and Gwyar
          6. Earl Cadwr/Cador of Cornwall is a known historical personage
            • AD 452/480 to AD 490/492/493
            • Could be son of Gwryon/Goryon/Gourles/Gorloïs/Gorla(i)s/Gorlens/Gorlodubnus/Gorloys/Gothlois/Hoel and Eigr/Ygraine
        20. Sir Lionel(l)/Lyonell
          1. De/of Gannis/Gaunnes/Gaul
          2. Son of King Bors/Bohort of/de Gaul/Gaunnes/Gannis
        21. Sir Gaheris/Gaheriet/Gwalchafed/Walgabetius
          1. Son of King Lot and Queen Morgause/Margawse of Orkney
          2. Son of Gwyar
        22. Sir Lucan(e)/Lucus/(Llwch Llenlleawg)/(Lloch Llawwynnyawc)
          1. The Butler
          2. The Good
          3. Mighty-Hand
        23. King Urien(s)/Urience/Uryens
          1. De/(of)/O (the land of) Gower/Gŵyr/Gor(r)e/(Degore/Tegyr)
          2. Husband of Modron/(Morgan(a) le Fay)
          3. Father of Owe(i)n/Owain/Yvain(e)/Uwain(e)/Ewain/Ivan
          4. Known historical personages
            • King Gwrgan(t)/Gwrcantus/Gurgantius/Fergus Fawr/Mawr/Magnus/(the Great) of Ergyng/Erging/Ernyng of South Rheged
              • Possibly also known as Urbgennius/Urianus
              • Son of Cynfyn Brenin Glafrog (and a daughter of Custenin) ap Peibio/Pebiaw Glafro(g)/Gladrog/Claforawg ap Erb
              • Born AD 489/494/503/504/510/515/517/519/520/580/586/596/600/645 in Ergyng/Glywysing, Glamorgan/Gwent, Wales
              • Husband of Ninoca ap Cynfyn
              • Father of Onbrawst, Caradog/Caradoc, Morgan, and possibly of an Owain and a Morfudd
              • Died AD 520/550/645
            • King Urien/Urbgenius/Orobogenius/Orian ap Kynfarch/Cynfarch/Cynvarch Oer/Gul/(the Cold/Dismal) of North Rheged
              • Born AD 490/530
              • Brother to Arawn/Auguselus and Llew/(Lleuddun Luyddog)/Lot of Lothian
              • Possibly husband of Modron, then later possibly of Morgan le Fay
              • Father of Owe(i)n/Owain and Morfudd, and possibly of Rhiwallon and Rhun, and even possibly of Elfin, Pasgen, and Arawn
              • Ruled from Caer Ligualid (Carlisle), AD 572 to AD 592
              • Died AD 570/590/593
        24. Sir Meleagant/Maleagant/Meliagrant/Mel(l)iag(r)aunce/Melwas/Maelwys/Mardoc
          1. Of Gor(r)e
          2. Ap/(son of) Baeddan/Bagdemagus/Baudemagus
        25. Sir Palomides/Palomedes/Palomydes/Palamide(s)(so)/Palamede(s)/Palamidez/Palemedes/Plomyd(e)
          1. The Saracen
          2. Unbaptised
          3. Knight of the Questing Beast
        26. Sir Pell(e)(i)as/Pelleus (of the Islands)
        27. Sir Caradoc/Caradawg/Caradog/Carados/Carrado/Karadu(e)s/Karadan/Garedas Vreichvras/Freichfras/Briefbras/(((the) Strong/Stout/Short(-)) Arm(ed))
          1. Caractacus
          2. (Sir Car(a)dos of the Dolorous Tower)/((King) Karados of Estrangor)
          3. ((King) (of) Car(r)ados/Carahues/Carodac/Carodas/Carodoc of Scotland)
          4. Cardok
          5. King of Nantes — may be confused with
            • City of Nauntes
            • King Nentres/Nantes of Garlot(h)/Garloc
          6. Most likely separate as
            • Caradawg Strong-Arm
            • Caradoc Short-Arm (heir to King Caradoc of Nantes)
            • Caradoc Short-Arm (The King of Estrangorre, Scotland, and/or Galencie)
            • Sir Cardok
            • King Nentres/Nantes of Garlot(h)/Garloc
          7. Sometimes listed as
            • King Caradoc the Elder
            • Knight Caradoc the Younger
          8. Separate in Malory as
            • King (of) Carados of Scotland
            • Sir Cardok
            • King Nentres of Garlot(h)
        28. Sir ((H)ector de)/(Ectorde) Maris/Mares/Marus/Marys — son of King Ban and the Lady de Maris
        29. Sir (H)ector(ius)/Anto(u)r(e)/Anton/Entor
        30. Sir Bruin/Br(e)unor/Brewnor/Brxnor
          1. Le/the Noir(e)/Black
          2. (Lacotemale)/(La Cote Mal(e)) (Tayle)/(Tail(l)(é)(e))/(the Badly-Shaped Coat)
        31. Sir Griflet/Girflet/Gifflet/Grislet/Jaufré le Fise de Dieu — son of Do(n)
        32. Sir Tor(s) — son of (King) Ar(a)s/Ar(i)es/Pellinore
        33. Sir (Harry le (Fise/Fyse) Lake)/(Erec/Eric — son of King Lac)
        34. Sir Segramo(u)r(s)/Segremore(s)/S(e)ig(r)amor(e)/Seigremor/Sag(a)r(a)mo(u)r(e)/Sa(i)gremo(i)r(e)(t)(s)/Sacremors/Sogremor/Sygramors
          1. (Le/the) (Desirous/Desree)
          2. The (Impetuous/Hothead)
        35. Sir Ag(a)r(r)avain(e)
          1. The Arrogant/Proud
          2. Of Estrangot
          3. Son of King Lot and Queen Morgawse of Orkney
        36. Sir Duke Ho(w)el(l)/Hueil/Huail/Hywel
          1. Of Brittany
          2. One of the three Royal Knights
          3. Ap/mab/(son of)
            • Kaw/Caw/(Emyr Llydaw)
            • King Budic of Brittany
          4. Hueil/Huail ap/mab Kaw/Caw is a known historical personage
        37. Sir Owein/Owain/Yvain/Yvonet/Uwain(e)
          1. The/li/les Bastard/Adulterer/Adventurous/Avoutres
          2. Ap Urien
          3. Separate in Malory as
            • Uwaine les Adventurous
            • Sir Uwaine les Avoutres
        38. Sir Dinadan(o)/Dinadam/Dinadeira/Divdan/Dynadan — son of Brunor the Senior
        39. King Mark/Marc(h)(us)/Margh/Cunomorus/Cunomoros
          1. Of Cornwall
          2. The Dastard
          3. Ap Meirchyawn
          4. First Cousin of Arthur
          5. Known historical personage
        40. Sir G(u)ing(a)l(a)in(e)/Gliglois/Wigalois/G(a)yn(ga)l(e)yn/Geynleyn/Gyngelayne/Gyngolyn/(Gwgawn (Greddyrudd/(Red Sword)))
          1. ((The) Fair Unknown)/(Le Bel (Inconnu/Deiconneu/Desconneu))/(Lybyus Dysconyus)
          2. Son of Gawain(e) and Blanchemal
          3. Gwgawn Greddyrudd is a known historical personage
        41. Sir Loüt/Lohut/(Lo)hoot/Lohoth/Loho(l)t/Loho(l)z/Loez/Llacheu/Llachlue/Bor(r)e/Bohart/Bohort
          1. Le Cure Hardy
          2. Ap/(son of) King Arthur
          3. Separate in Malory, yet both sons of Arthur, as
            • Sir Bohart le Cure Hardy
            • Sir Bor(r)e
        42. Sir Dagonet — ((Arthur’s) Fool)/(Court(ly) Jester)
        43. King Leo(n)deg(r)a(u)n(ce)/Leodegarius/Laudegraunce of Cameliard/Camelerde
          1. Is this name related to ‘leode’, a Kentish term for a King’s man?
          2. Or to ‘leod’, meaning a man’s worth?
          3. Or is it ‘leo de gan’, Lion of Gan?
        44. Sir King Bagdemagus/Baudemagus/Baeddan of Gor(r)e
        45. Duke Sir Ede(y)rn/Yder/Ider/Idur/Yver/Isdernus
          1. Knight of the Sparrowhawk
          2. Ap/(son of) Nudd
        46. Sir Mor(ia)(e)n(s)/Moryen/Moryan (Mynawg/Myna(w)c/Menawc)/(the Noble)
          1. Of the Castle Maidens/Caer (Dathal)/(Dathyl)/(Dathol)
          2. Son of Iaen/March/Aglovale/Perceval
          3. Mostly likely at least three separate personages:
            • Moren ab Iaen of Caer Dath(a)l/Dathol/Dathyl
            • Mor(i)en Mynawg/Mynac/Menawc/(the Noble) ap March ap Meirchion
            • Mori(a)en/Moriaan
              • Of the Castle Maidens
              • Son of (Agloval(e))/(Perceval) de (Galis)/(Wales) — son of Pel(l)inor(e) of Listinoise/Listenoise
        47. Sir Balyn/Balin/Valin
          1. Le Savage
          2. (The) Knight with/of (the) Two Swords
        48. Sir Safir/Safer(e) — son of Esclabor
        49. Sir Meliant/Mel(l)(e)(i)a(u)s/Melyas/Melias/Maelwys
          1. Of/de Liz/Lis/Lile
          2. Ap/(son of)
            • Baeddan
            • King of Denmark
        50. Sir Col(e)greva(u)nce/Calogrena(n)t/Galogrinans/Cynan
          1. De/or Gor(r)e
          2. May be two separate characters (two differently recorded deaths)
        51. Sir Duke Galeha(u)(l)t/Galahalt/Galahaut/Galohalt/Galahad/Galahaus/Galahos
          1. Le/the Haut Prince
          2. Of the Long Isles
        52. Sir Balan
          1. Le Savage
          2. Black Knight
          3. Knight of the River
        53. Sir Bliohleheris/Blihobleeris/B(ib)liob(l)(i)eris/Bliobleherin/Bleher(r)is/Bleo(bo)ris/Bleob(l)eris/Blyob(l)eris/Beleobus/Bleo(bery)s/Blubrys/Bleriz
                                   de/von Ganis/Gan(n)es/Ga(u)n(n)es/Bliriers (de la Deserte)/(of the Wastand)
          1. Cousin of Lancelot as son of Nestor de Gaunes
          2. Godson of King Bors
          3. Brother of Blamo(u)r(e)
          4. In Eilhart von Oberge’s Tristrant (Tristan)
            • Bleoberis is one of King Mark’s vassals
            • He dies when Tristan brutally hits him over the head with a club during an escape from Mark’s court
          5. In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival (Perceval)
            • Orgeluse’s suitor boasts of slaying Bleoberis
            • Or just defeating him during a sparing match, according to an alternate interpretation
          6. In Wigalois, one of Guinglain’s challenges is to defeat the fierce Bleoberis guarding the Perilous Ford
          7. In the Vulgate and the works based on it, Lancelot eventually makes Bleoberis the Duke of Poitiers for his part in saving Guinevere
          8. In all three texts
            • The Vulgate and Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal (Quest of the Holy Grail)
            • Luce de Gat’s and Helie de Boron’s Tristan en prose (Prose Tristan)
            • Bleoberis participates in the Grail Quest
          9. In all three texts
            • The Vulgate Suite du Merlin (Continuation of Merlin)
            • Le Livre d’Artus (The Book of Arthur)
            • Arthour and Merlin (Arthur and Merlin)
              • Bleoberis fights alongside his brother
              • For Arthur in the wars against the rebel kings at Bedegraine
              • Against the Saxons at Carmelide
              • Against King Claudas in the Wasteland
          10. In the Post-Vulgate Morte Artu (Death of Arthur)
            • Bleoberis returns to Britain
            • Arrives at Salisbury after the battle
            • Destroys the corpse of Mordred
            • Builds the Tower of the Dead
            • Kills Arthur the Less in self-defence
            • At a hermitage, he joins Lancelot and the former Archbishop of Canterbury
            • He buries Lancelot’s body at Joyous Guard
          11. In Tristan en prose
            • Bleoberis abducts Segwarides’ wife from King Mark’s court
            • Fights Segwarides and then Tristan
          12. In Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur
            • Bleoberis is Lord of Castle of Gannis
            • He and his brother live as monks with Lancelot and his kinsmen
            • Then they leave on a crusade and die together in battle in Jerusalem
          13. His name variations in Arthurian Lierature
            • Bliobleheris in Chrétien de Troyes’ Érec et Énide (Erec and Enide)
            • Pleherin in Tristrant
            • Bliobleherin in Hartmann von Aue’s Ere(c)(k) (Geraint)
            • Pliopliheri in Parzival
            • Bliobleris/Bleob(l)eris/B(ib)lioberis/Blihobleeris/Blyob(l)eris de Ga(u)n(n)es in the French prose cycles
            • Blioblieris in Wirnt von Grafenberg/Gravenberg/Gravenberch’s Wigalois/Wizalois (Guinglain)
            • Bleos von Bliriers in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône (The Crown)
            • Bleherris in Arthour and Merlin
            • Briobris in La Tavola Ritonda (The Round Table)
            • Bleoris in Henry Lovelich’s Merlin
            • Bleoberys/Bleoberis/Bleoboris/Bleoheris in Le Morte d’Arthur
            • Bleriz in Povest′ o Tryshchane (Romance of Tristan)
          14. Known historical personages
            • Ble(d)heri(cu)s
            • Bled(d)ri ap Cadivor/Cedifor/Cydifor
        54. King (Llew/Lug(h))/(L(i)ot(h) Luwddoc)/Lludd of (Lothian and )Orkney
          1. Llew/Lug(h)
          2. L(i)ot(h) Luwddoc of (Lothian and )Orkney
          3. Lludd
          4. Know historical personages
            • King Llew ap Cynfarch, brother of Urien Rheged
            • King Lot Luwddoc of Gododdin
        55. Sir Duke (Constantine (III))/(Constantyn)/(Co(n)staunce)/(Costauns)/(Custennin)
          1. Son of Sir Cador/Carados of Cornwall
          2. Separate in Malory as
            • Sir Constantine — son of Cador of Cornwall
            • Sir Constantine — son of Carados of Cornwall
          3. There is some indication that Cador and this Carados are the same person
        56. Sir Gor(ne)mant/Go(r)(n)emans/Gornimans/Gurnemans/Gurnemanz
          1. De/of Cohort/Gohort/Gelbort/Goort/Gorhaut/Groharz/Cornwall
          2. Ap/(son of) Ric(c)a
        57. Sir (H)ely(a)n/Hel(l)ain(e)/Heylan/Helaym/Helyam/Elian/Alain
          1. (Le/li Blanc/Blans/Blank)/(the White)
          2. Son of Sir Bors and Claire (daughter of King Brandegoris)
        58. Sir King Do(r)nar(d)/Durnor(e)/Durnure/Dunard/Doryan/Drians/Drian(t)/Tryan/Adrian/Brian of the North
          1. Son of King Pellinore
          2. Separate in Malory as
            • Dornar — son of King Pellinore
            • Sir Dornard
            • Sir Durnore
        59. Sir Segwarides — son of Esclabor
        60. Drudwas/Drutwas
          1. One of the three Golden-Tongued Knights
          2. Ap/(son of) Tryffin/Treffin
        61. Sir Agloval(e)
          1. De Galis
          2. Son of Pellinore of Listinoise
        62. Sir (Lybyus Dolorus/Dysconyus)/(Llwybyr Coch)
          1. Llwybyr
          2. Coth
          3. Son(s) of Kaw
        63. Morfran/Morvran
          1. The Ugly (Brave/Hero)
          2. One of the three Irresistible Knights
          3. Ap/(son of) Tegid
        64. Eliw(l)od/Eliwlat
          1. One of the three Golden-Tongued Knights
          2. Ap/vab/(son of) Madog/Madoc/Madawc ap/vab/(son of) (Uthyr)/(Uther Pendragon)
        65. Sir Ironside
          1. (The) (Red) Knight
          2. Of the Red Lawns/Launde/La(u)nds
        66. Sir Bercilak/Bertilak/Bernlak/Bredbeddle/Pertolepe/Per(t)ilope/Pertylope
          1. (The) Green Knight
          2. Knight of the (Green Chapel)/(Lake)
        67. Menw
          1. One of the three Enchanter Knights
          2. Ap/(son of) Teirgwaedd/Tairgwaedd
        68. Earl Sir Lanval/Launfal/Landevale/Lambaile/Lambewell/Gauriel von Muntabel with the Fairy Lance
        69. Sir Ac(c)olon/Accalon of Gaul
        70. Glewlwyd/Glewleyd
          1. (Gafae Ifawr)/(Gavaelvawr)/(Mighty-Grasp)
          2. One of the three Irresistible Knights
        71. Sir Gwyn(n) ap Nudd/Nwyfre/Nwyvre
        72. Sandde(f)/Sand(d)af(f)
          1. (Pryd/Bryd Angel)/(Bright Angel)
          2. One of the three Irresistible Knights
        73. Tegyr/Degore (Talgellawg)/(the Cup Bearer)
        74. Llaw(n)rodded/Llawfroedd Varvawc/Farfawg/Farfawc/(the Bearded)
        75. King Ban/(Pant) of Benwyck/Benwick/Benoic/Benoyc/(Gen(n)ewis)
        76. Gwythyr ap/(son of) Gwreidawl/Greidawl
        77. Sir Kynd(d)elig/Cynddylig (Kyvarwydd)/(Cyfarwydd)/(the Guide)
        78. Sir Cynon
          1. One of the three Counsellor Knights
          2. Son of Clydno Eiden
        79. Sir Gales(c)hin/Galvariun/Galvarium/(Gwallt Euryn)/Gal(l)eron/Galaron — son of King Nentres and Elaine of Garlot(h)
        80. Earl Sir Fergus/Ferguut/Fercos/Percos ap/mac/(son of) Ro(i)ch/Roy/Roth/Poch
        81. Sir Dodina(u)s/Do(n)dinel(lo)/Dodynel(l)/Dondijel/Dondonello/Oddinello
          1. Daudiniaus/Dedinet/Dido(i)ne(s)/Dinodes/Dodoines/Dodin(e)al(s)/Dodine(i)s/Dodiniaus/Dodynas
          2. Dodineaulx/Dodin(i)ax/Dondanix/Dodyn(i)a(u)x
          3. ((le/the) Savage)/(the Wild)
        82. Sir Ozan(n)a/Osanna (le Cure Hardy)/((of) the Hardy Heart)
        83. Sir Persa(u)nt/Bersunt of Inde the Blue Knight
        84. Angawddm Gofan
          1. Anghawd
          2. Ovan
          3. Son(s) of Kaw
        85. Cynwal
          1. Kymvas
          2. Ardwydd/Ardwyad
          3. Son(s) of Kaw/Caw
          4. Cynwal ap Caw is a known historical personage
        86. Sir Per(i)mones/Perymones (the) Red Knight
        87. Sel/Sol ap/(son of) Selgi
        88. (Llawr Ellenw)/(Gwynn) ap/(son of) Ermid
        89. Garanwyn/Garanwen/Gronosis ap/(son of) Kai/Cei the Seneschal
        90. Gwevyl/Gwelfyl
          1. One of the three Diademed Knights
          2. Ap/(son of) Gwestad/Gwastad
        91. Uchtryd/Uchdryd Varyt Draws (Cross Beard) — son of Erim
        92. Taliesin pen Berydd
          1. (Chief) Bard/Poet to King Arthur
          2. Earliest known “Welsh” poet
        93. Sir Gwrhyr Gwastrad/Gwalstat/Gwastawd Ieithoedd (Interpreter of Tongues)
        94. Am(ha)r/Amir/Anir ap/(son of) Arthur
        95. (Ely A)myr — Arthur’s Huntsman
        96. Cul(h)w(y)ch/Kilwich — cousin of Arthur
        97. Sir Daniel von Blumenthal
        98. Greidawl Galldonvd/Gallddofydd
        99. Greid ap/(son of) Eri
        100. Tathal Twyll (Goleu)/(Golau)/(the Deceitful)
        101. Grychwr/Cynchwr ap/(son of) Nes
        102. Cuhert/Cubert/Curoi ap/mac/(son of) Daere/Daire
        103. Sir Floll/Frol of the Out Isles
        104. Lluber Beuthach
        105. Na(s)(c)ien(s)
          1. A Hermit
          2. One of the three Royal Knights
          3. Son of King of Denmark
        106. Corvil/Corfil Bervach/Berfach
        107. Sir Ulfin/Ulfius/Ulfines/Ulphin/Ulphyne/Urfin/Vlfin/Vrfin
        108. Blaes/Bleise
          1. An Historian
          2. One of the three Just Knights
          3. Son of the Earl of Llychlin
        109. Prince Fflewd(d)ur (Fflam Wledig)/(the Blazing Lord)
        110. R(h)uawn Pebyr/Bebyr ap/(son of) Dorath
        111. Aron/Arawn/Angusel
          1. One of the three Counsellor Knights
          2. Son of Cynfarch
        112. Ll(y)warch (Hen)/(the Old)
          1. One of the three Counsellor Knights
          2. Son of Elidir Lyndanwyn
        113. Bradwen ap/(son of) Moren Mynawc/Mynawg
        114. Dalidav/Dallaf ap/(son of) Kimin/Cimin Cov ap/(son of) Alun Dyved/Dyfed ap/(son of) Saidi ap/(son of) Gwryon/Gwrion
        115. Uchtryd/Uchdryd (Ardywad/Ardwyad Kad/Cad)/(Power in Battle)
        116. Kynwas/Cynwas (Curvagyl)/(Cwryfagyl)/(the Clumsy)
        117. Gwrhyr (Gwarthegvras)/(Gwarthegfras)/(Rich in Cattle)
        118. Isperyr/Isberyr (Hwingath)/(Ewingath)/(Cat Claws)
        119. Gallcoyt/Galloch (Govynynat)/(Gofynidd)/(the Hewer)
        120. Duach ap/(son of) Gwawrddur (Kyrvach)/(the Hunchback)
        121. (Sir) Blue Knight (of the Blue Lawns)
        122. Grathach/Brath ap/(son of) Gwawrddur (Kyrvach)/(the Hunchback)
        123. Nerthach ap/(son of) Gwawrddur (Kyrvach)/(the Hunchback)
        124. (The) Black Knight of the Black Lawns
        125. Kilydd/Cilydd (Ganhastyr)/(Canastyr)/(100 Grips)
        126. Sir Urry/Urre of Hungary
        127. Ganastyr/Canastyr (Kanllaw)/(Canllaw)/(100 Hands)
        128. Gors/Cors (Gant-Ewin)/(Cant Ewin)/(100 Claws)
        129. Esgeir Gulhwch (Govvnkawn)/(Gefyncawn)/(the Reed-Cutter)
        130. Sir Melyot/Meliot of/de Logur(e)(s)/Logris/Logres
          1. Sir Melyot
          2. Meliot of/de Logur(e)(s)/Logris/Logres — cousin of Lady Nimue
        131. Sir Sadok/Sadoc
        132. Sir Gahalantyne/Gahalantine/Galerantis/G(u)al(l)eganti(n)(s)/Galygantynis/Galegentix/Galeschins/Galeguadinz li/of/the Galoi(s)/Wales/Welshman
        133. A(u)nwas (Adeiniawc)/(Adeiniawg)/(the Wingéd)
        134. Sinnoch ap/(son of) Seithved/Seitfed ap Bedyn
        135. Bedyw/Wadu ap/(son of) Seithved/Seitfed ap Bedyn
        136. Gwen(n)wynwyn son of Naw ap Seithved/Seitfed ap Bedyn
        137. Mael ap/(son of) Roycol
        138. Garwyli ap/(son of) Gwythawc/Gwythawg Gwyr
        139. Gwythawc/Gwythawg Gwyr
        140. Selyf ap/(son of) Smoit/Sinoid
        141. Gusg ap/(son of) Atheu/Achen
        142. Sir Superabilis/Suppinabilis/Supinabel/Syppynabylis
        143. Sir Cleges/Clegis of Sadok
        144. Tw(y)rch ap/(son of) Perif/Peryf
        145. Sir (A)(m)ador(e) (de la Porte)/(of the Gate)
        146. Tw(y)rch ap/(son of) An(n)was
        147. Teregud ap/(son of) Iaen of Caer Dathal
        148. Sulyen/Sulien ap/(son of) Iaen of Caer Dathal
        149. Sir Hervi(s)(é)/Hervise/Hervyse (de Revel)/(de la Forest Savage)
          1. Harvy/(Herneus de Revel)/Hernil/Herui(s)/(Herveus de Rivel)/(Hervi de Riveaus)
          2. Herv(i)eu/Herviex/Hervis/Hervise (de Rivel)/(- de Revel)
          3. Hervius (de Kamahalot)/(- de Rivel/Risnel)
          4. Hervy (de Revill)/(- the Rivell/Cuyell/Risnel/Riveaus/Rivieu)
          5. Separate in Malory as
            • Hervisé de Revel
            • Hervise de la Forest Savage
        150. Siawn ap/(son of) Iaen of Caer Dathal
        151. Cradawc/Cradawg ap/(son of) Iaen of Caer Dathal
        152. Mabsan(t) ap/(son of) Kaw/Caw
        153. Gwyn(g)ad ap/(son of) Kaw/Caw
        154. Gilda(s)
          1. Ap/(son of) Kaw/Caw
          2. Known historical personage
        155. Calcas/Calchaf
          1. Ap/(son of) Kaw/Caw
          2. Known historical personage
        156. Samson (Vinsych)/(Finsych)/(Dry Lips)
        157. Llary ap/(son of) Prince Easnar/Kasnar Wledig
        158. Saranhon/Sarannon ap/(son of) Glythfur/Glythwyr
        159. Annyanniawc/An(n)yn(n)awg ap/(son of) Menw ap/(son of) Teirgwaedd
        160. Eflam/Fflan ap/(son of) Nwyvre/Nwyfre
        161. Ermid ap/(son of) Erbin
        162. Dyvel/Dywel ap/(son of) Erbin
        163. Kyndrwyn/Cyndrwyn ap/(son of) Ermid
        164. Hyveidd/Hafaidd (Unllenn)/(One Mantle)
        165. Eiddon (Vawr/Fawr-Vrydic/Frydig)/(the Magnanimous)
        166. Reidwn/Rheiddon Arwy
        167. Nod(d)awl (Varyf/Farf Twrch/Trwch)/(Boar’s Beard)
        168. Berth ap/(son of) Kado/Cado
        169. Rheid(d)wn ap/(son of) Beli/Banon
        170. Iscovan/Isgofan (Hael)/(the Generous)
        171. Iscawin/Isgawyn ap/(son of) Panon/Banon
        172. Henwas Adein(i)awg ap/(son of) Erim
        173. Sg(i)l(i)ti Yscawndroed/Uohdryd/Lightfoot — son of Erim
        174. Carned(d)yr ap/(son of) Govynyon/Gofynion (Hen)/(the Agéd)
        175. Gwenwy(n)wyn
          1. Arthur’s Champion in Culhwch ac Olwen (Culhwch/Kilhwch and Olwen)
          2. Ap/(son of) Naw/Nav Gyssevin
        176. Kulvanawyd/Culfanawyd ap/(son of) Goryon/Gwrion
        177. Dyvynwal/Dyfnwal/Dyfhwal (Moel)/(the Bald)
        178. Teirnon/Terynon Twr(y)f (B)liant
        179. Gwrdinal/Gwrddyal ap/(son of) Ebrei/Efrei
        180. Morgant (Hael)/(the Generous)
        181. Gwystyl ap/(son of) Nwython
        182. Rhun ap/(son of) Nwython
        183. Llwyddeu/Llwydel ap/(son of) Nwython
        184. Gwydre ap/(son of) Llwyd(d)eu
        185. Eidyol/Eidoel ap/(son of) Ner
        186. Kynyr/Cynyr (Keinvarvawc)/(Cein(-)farfalig)/(Fair Beard)
        187. Berwyn ap/(son of) Gerenhir/Cyrenyr
        188. Gwyddawg ap/(son of) Menestyr
        189. Nerth ap/(son of) Kedarn/Cadarn
        190. Llwyd(deu) ap/(son of) (Kelcoed)/(Cil Coed)
        191. Hu(n)abwy ap/(son of) Gwryon
        192. Gwyn(n) Godyvron/Eddyfron
        193. Gweir ap/(son of) Cadell/Galellin – son of (Talaryant)/(Tal Ariant)/(Silver Brow)
        194. Gweir (Gwr(y)hyd En(n)wir)/(Malicious in Battle)
        195. Gweir/Gwyn (Palad(y)r Hir)/(Bright Spear)
        196. Cas (ap)/(son of) Saidi
        197. Gwrvan/Gwrfan (Gwallt (Avwyn)/(Arf( )wyn))/(Wild Hair)
        198. Garselit
          1. Wyddel
          2. The Irishman
        199. Dadweir/Dawweir (Dallpenn)/(Dallben)/(the Blind)
        200. Panawr/Penawr (Pen( )bagad)/(Leader of the Host)
        201. (Gwynnhyvar)/(Gwyn Hywar)
          1. Steward of Cornwall
          2. Mayor of Cornwall and Devon
        202. Gilla (Coes Hydd)/(Goeshydd)/(Stag-Shank)
        203. Huarwar ap/(son of) (Aflawn)/(Halwn)/(the Unsmiling)
        204. Gwar(a)e (Gwallt (Euryn)/(Eurin))/(Golden Hair)
        205. E(l)phin Garanhir
          1. Ap Gwyddno
          2. Known historical personage
        206. Elidyr (Cyfarwydd)/(Gyvarwydd)/(the Guide)
        207. Ardderchawg/Iddawc (Cordd Prydain)/(Churn of Britain)
        208. Grudiwyn/Gruddlwyn (Gor)/(the Dwarf)
        209. Bwlch/Eheubryd ap/(son of) Gleddyf (Kvfwlch)/(Cyfwlch) — son of Cleddyf Difwlch
        210. Dwn(n) ((Diessic)/(Diysig) Unben(n))/(Valorous Chieftain)
        211. Eiladyr/Eilader ap/(son of) Pen (Llarcau)/(Llarcan)
        212. Kynedyr/Cynedyr
          1. (Wyllt)/(the Wild)
          2. Son of Hettwn Talarvant
        213. Sawvl/Sawyl ((Ben)/(Pen) (Uchel)/(Uched))/(the Overlord)
        214. Teithi (Hen)/(the Old) ap/(son of) Gwynhan/Gwynnan
        215. Gwrbothu/Gwrfoddw
          1. (Hen)/(the Old)
          2. Arthur’s Uncle in Culhwch ac Olwen (Culhwch/Kilhwch and Olwen)
        216. Tegvan/Tegfan (Gloff)/(the Lame)
        217. G(l)(we)w(l)y(u)ddyn Saer
          1. Arthur’s builder
          2. Made Arthur’s Hall — Ehangwen/(Fair and Roomy)
        218. Amren (the Tall)
          1. Arthur’s Huntsman
          2. Ap/(son of) Bedwyr
        219. Rhun
          1. (Rhud(d)wern)/(Red Alder)
          2. Arthur’s Huntsman
        220. Eli — Arthur’s Huntsman
        221. Rheu
          1. (Rhwyd/Thwydd Dyrys)/(Fast and Cunning)
          2. Arthur’s Huntsman
        222. Trachmyr — Arthur’s (Chief) Huntsman
        223. Gweir
          1. (Datharwennidawg)/(Dathar Gweinidog)
          2. Arthur’s Servant
        224. Rhacvmwri/Cacamwri
          1. The Thresher
          2. The Attendant/Servant of Arthur
        225. Kethcrwn/Cethrwm/Cethrwin — the Priest
        226. Bedwini — the Bishop
        227. Sir Bellinor(e)
        228. Vadalon/Valadon
        229. King (B)e(n)i(gn)on
        230. Sir Claudin(e) — son of the Frankish King Claudas
        231. Sir Constable Baudwin of Britain
        232. Sir Brastias
        233. Sir Grummore Grummursum
        234. Sir Lavaine
        235. Sir Patrise
        236. Sir King/Duke Clarence/Clariance/Clarion of Northumberland
        237. Sir King/Roi Barant/Berrant
          1. Aguigens/Aguignier/Aguigniez/Aguysans
          2. Heraut
          3. Mala(u)guin(s)/Malaguis/Maleginis/Margon
          4. Le Apres
          5. (Of/with the/a)/(des) Hundred/Cent Knights/Chevaliers
        238. King/Sir Anguish/Agwisa(u)nce/Ang(u)i(n)s(ant)/Anguisel/Anguisshe/Angwish/Hanguin/Languis/Lenvis of Ireland
        239. Sir Galagars
        240. E(i)ddilig/Coll/Track
          1. The Dwarf
          2. One of the three Enchanter Knights
          3. Son of Collifrey/Tracker
        241. Ballamore
        242. Belvoure
        243. Paquinet/Paginet
        244. Sagris
        245. Sir Florence — son of Gawain and Brandiles’ sister
        246. Cadog/Cadawg
          1. One of the three Just Knights
          2. Son of Gwenlliw/Gwynlliw
        247. Sir Felot of Listinoise
        248. Petroc/Pedrog Splintered-Spear
          1. One of the three Just Knights
          2. Son of Prince Clement of Cornwall
        249. Sir Br(e)un(i)(s)(e) of/the/saunce Piciez/Pitiless/Pité
        250. Sir Gromer/Grommore Somer/Somir Joure — Knight of Tarn Wathelyne
        251. Caveron/Gaveros/Go(u)verna(i)l of Robendic/Roberdic
        252. (Sir)/(The) Green Knight of the Green Lawns
        253. Sir Astomar/Astamor(e)
        254. Sir Abelleus/Abelin
        255. Sir Blamo(u)r(e) de Ganis
        256. Sir Outlake/Ontzlake
        257. Sir Kay/Key/Kainus/Ke(u)(s)/Keu(x)/Ques/Quex (Destran)/(de/d’/of)/(le/the) Strange(s)/Estral/Estraus/Estranx/Estrans/Estrangor/Estra(u)x/Stranger
        258. Sir Gringamo(u)r(e)
        259. Sir (A)blamo(u)r(e)/Ablamar of the Marsh
        260. Sir Allardyne/Al(l)ardin of the (Outer) Isles
        261. Lohe(ra)ngrin/Lorengel
          1. (The) Swan(-)Knight
          2. Son of Parsifal/Parzival/Percival and Condwiramus
        262. Naw ap Seitfed ap Bedyn
        263. Earl Sir (H)ebes/Berbes le/the Renoumes/Famous of Comange
          1. Separate in Malory as
            • Earl Sir Hebes le Renoumes of Comange
            • Sir Hebes
          2. There is some indication that Malory meant these to be one person
        264. Duke Sir Dinas(so)/Dynas/Tinas (le/the Seneschal) of Cornwall
        265. Manawyd(d)an ap/(fab)/(son of) Llyr
        266. Sir Epinogres/Epinogrus/Epinogris/Epinegris — son of the King of (North)umberland
        267. Atlandor/Atlendor ap Naw/Naf
        268. Gorasgwrn ap Nerth
        269. Gwaeddan ap Cynfeln
        270. Gwarthegyd
          1. Ap Caw
          2. Known historical personage
        271. Afaon/Addaon ap Taliesin
        272. Llenlleawg Wyddel
        273. Selyn ap Cynan (Garwyn)/(White Shank)
        274. Gwres
          1. Ap Rheged
          2. The Standard Bearer
        275. Blathaon ap Mwrheth
        276. Gwenloynwyri ap Naw
        277. Daned ap Ath
        278. Goreu ap (Custennin)/(Constantine)
        279. Gweir ap Gwestyl
        280. Granwen ap Llyr
        281. Cydfan ap/(son of) Arthur
        282. Archfedd ap/(son of) Arthur
        283. Ryawd ap Morgant
        284. Dyfyr ap Alun Dyfed
        285. Llara ap Casnir (Wleddig)/(the Mighty)
        286. Pasgen
          1. Ap Urien
          2. Known historical personage
        287. Gilbert ap Cad(-)gyffro/(Battle-tumult)
        288. Gwrthmwl Wledig
        289. Cawrdaf ap Caradawg Freitchfras
        290. Cadynaith ap Saidi
        291. Rhun ap Maelgw(y)n/Malgo (of) Gwynedd
        292. Eirynwych
          1. (Amheibyn)/(the Splendid)
          2. Arthur’s Servant
        293. Sir Esclabor
        294. Sir Feirefiz
        295. Sir Septius
        296. Wigamur
        297. Lord Sir Lionses
        298. Sir Phariance
        299. Sir Mariet de la Roche
        300. Sir Guinas de Bloi
        301. Sir Brian(t) de/of la/the Forest (Savage) — separate in Malory as
          1. Sir Briant de la Forest Savage
          2. Sir Brian of the Forest
        302. Sir Bellaus
        303. Sir Flannedrius of the Castle of Ladies
        304. Sir Annecians
        305. Sir Ladinas de la Rouse
        306. Sir Emerause
        307. Sir Caulas (the Red)
        308. Sir Graciens le Castlein
        309. Sir Blois de la Case
        310. Sir Plaine de Amours
        311. Sir Sorlouse of the Forest
        312. Sir Ladinas of the Forest Savage
        313. (Li) Bia(u)x/Beau/Biaus Coarz/Co(u)ars/Mauvais the Handsome Coward
        314. The King of the Lake
        315. King Nentres/Nanter(s)/Na(n)t(r)es/Neutres/Nextres/Ventres de/of Garlot(h)/Garloc
        316. Chief Marshal Maud(u)it/Maldis/Malduz/Maldwiz the Wise
        317. Gandelu(s)/Gandaluz/Ganedlu
        318. Duke Chaleins/Chalaunce of Clarence/Clarance
        319. Sir Banier
        320. Eslit
        321. Earl Ulbause/Ulbawes of Surluse
        322. Bri(i)en
        323. Earl Aristause/Ariste/Aristant/Arysta(u)nse
        324. Gwyn ap Esni
        325. Yvain(s)/Yuain/Ewein/Iwan of/de/du Loenel(l)/Leonell/Lionel(l)/Nonel/Loeneis/Lothian
        326. Yvain/Owein of Cavaliot/Cyveilioc
        327. Sir Lovel(l) — son of Gawain(e) and Brandiles’ sister
        328. Huon de Bordeaux — (The) Knight/Chevalier (with the)/(of the)/au Horn/Cor
        329. The Youth with the Golden Ring
        330. Gru(s) the Wrathful/Sullen
        331. The Armourer
        332. King Quenedic’s/Ganedic’s son
        333. The Youth of Quintareus/Quine
        334. Sir Galihodin/Galaodin/Galehaudin/Galeheuduns/Gale(h)o(u)din/Galyhodyn/Abastunagio
        335. Sir Duke Liconal
        336. Sir Menaduke
        337. Earl Sir Villiars/Vyllyers of Bearn — The Valiant
        338. Sir Launceor
        339. Amauguin/Aumagwin the Red
        340. Gales/Giles/Wales Lithauz the/li Bald/Bold/C(h)aus/Chaufs/Chans/Gaiz
        341. Grain
        342. Gornevain
        343. Cara(h)(e)s/Carabes
        344. Sir Miles of Llandys
        345. Taulas of the Desert
        346. Sir Petipas(e)/Petipace/Pettypas of Winchelsea
        347. Gobrwy — son of Echel Vorddwyttwll
        348. Sir Gal(l)eron/Galaron of Galway
        349. Echel Vorddwyttwll
        350. Sir Melion of the Mountain
        351. Bravain/Bravaen/Brainons
        352. Labigod(e)s/Labigades the Courtly/Courteous
        353. Sir Gromer(e) — son of Sir Grummor(e) Grummursum
        354. Sir C(r)ossel(e)m(e)
        355. Digon — son of Alar
        356. Letron of Prepelesant
        357. Sir Servause/Severauce le Breuse
        358. Breon(s)/Brion — son of Canodari/Canodan
        359. The Count of Honolan
        360. King Lona of France
        361. Sir Brandiles/Brandelis/Brandalis/Brandaliz/Brand(e)les/Brandeliz/Brandellis/Bran(dyle)s/(Brian of the Isles)/(Bras de Lis)/Brasdelis/Brandalus
        362. Bradwen — son of Iaen (?of Caer Dathal?)
        363. Dirmyg — son of Kaw
        364. Justic — son of Kaw
        365. Sir Driant (of the Isle)
        366. Etmic — son of Kaw
        367. Sir Lambegus/Lambegue/Lambeguen/Lambegues/Lambeguez/Lanbeguet
        368. Sir Duke Clarrus/Claryus
          1. of Cler(e)mont
          2. of Normandy
        369. Sir Cloddrus
        370. Kelin — son of Kaw
        371. Sir Hectimere/Hectymere
        372. Con(n)yn — son of Kaw
        373. Sir Edward of Carnarvon/Carnavron
        374. Sir (?Duke?) Dinas(so)/Dynas/Tinas — (?brother of Meles the Tall?)
        375. Sir Duke Priamus/Pryamus
        376. Meilic — son of Kaw
        377. Sir Brian de Listinoise
        378. Sir Gau(n)ter(e) — separate in Malory as
          1. Sir Gaunter
          2. Sir Gautere
        379. Sir Raynold/Reynold
        380. Ergyryad — son of Kaw
        381. Sir Gil(le)mere/Gillimer — separate in Malory as
          1. Sir Gillimer
          2. Sir Gilmere
        382. Neb — son of Kaw
        383. Sir Guyart/Guiart le Petite
        384. Sir Bellang(e)re/Bellengerus/Bellangerus
          1. (Le Beuse)/(the Bewse)/(of Magouns)
          2. Son of Alisander le Orphelin
        385. Sir Alisander/Alisandre//Alexander le/the O(r)phelin/Orphan
        386. Sir Andred/Adreitte/Aldret/Andret/Andrew/Antret/Audret/Alebruno/Adriecche
        387. Sir King Morganore — separate in Malory as
          1. Sir King Morganore
          2. Sir Morganore
        388. Sir Sentrail(l)e/Sentrayle de/of Lushon
        389. Ysperini — son of King Fflergant of Armorica
        390. Sir Bellangere/Belliance le Orgul(o)us
        391. Sir Nerovens (de Lile)
        392. Earl Sir Plenorius
        393. Sir Dar(r)as
        394. Sir Erminide
        395. Earl Sir Selises/Selyses of the Dolorous Tower
        396. Sir Edward/Adoart of Orkney
        397. Sir Arrok de Greva(u)nt
        398. Sir Degrane sunace/sa(u)nce/sans/without Velany/Vil(l)any
        399. Sir Lamiel/Lamyel of Cardiff
        400. Sir Plaine/Playne de Force/Fors
        401. Sir Marro(c)k(e)/Merrak/Mewreke
        402. Kynwyl Sant
        403. Sir Pedivere/Pedyvere of the Strai(gh)t Marches
        404. Eus — son of Erim
        405. Henbedestyr — son of Erim
        406. Llysgadrudd Emys
        407. Drem — son of Dremidyd
        408. Henwas
          1. Henwyneh
          2. An Old Companion to Arthur
        409. Gwallgoyc
        410. ?King Paris of France?
        411. Osla Gyllellvawr
        412. The First Son of Llwch Llawwynnyawg
        413. The Second Son of Llwch Llawwynnyawg
        414. King Gwyllennhin of France
        415. King Gwittart of Ireland — son of Oedd
        416. Ffleudor — son of Nav
        417. K(u)eli
        418. Gwadyn Ossol/Odveith
        419. Hirerwm/Hiratrwm
        420. Bridei ap Maelgwyn Gwynedd
        421. Gwyddrud/Gwyddneu Astrus — son of Cast Rhvmi
        422. Sugyn — son of Sugnedydd
        423. Dy(f)gyflwng
        424. Anoeth (Veidawg)/(the Bold)
        425. Hir Eiddvl/Amreu
        426. Yskyrdav/Ycudydd
        427. Kyfwlch ap/(son of) Gleddyf Kvfwlch ap/(son of) Cleddyf Difwlch
        428. Sefwlch ap/(son of) Gleddyf Kvfwlch ap/(son of) Cleddyf Difwlch
        429. Glust — son of Glustveinad
        430. Medyr — son of Methredydd
        431. Gwiawn Llvgad Cath
        432. Ol — son of Olwydd
      4. Comparison of Non-Arthurian “Knights” to the “Knights of Logres”
        1. The Knights of the Franc Palais (The Knights of the Noble Hall)
        2. The Red Branch
        3. The Apostles
        4. The Fianna
        5. Charlemagne’s Paladins (twelve peers)
        6. The Knights Templar
          1. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon
          2. The Monastic Order of the Knights Templar
          3. A Formidable Force of Fighting Men who guarded the Grail (assumed to be Templar Knights)
    3. Appendices: Geography, Genealogy, and Timeline
      1. Geography of the Knights
      2. Genealogy of the Knights
      3. Timeline of the Knights
Afterword by Ivan Grabar

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