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Sources by Era
(c 2100 BC to AD 1635)

Primary Arthuriana Source Texts are in the Bold Black font colour.
Secondary Texts are in Plain Black font.
Tertiary Texts are Dark Cyan (Persian Green).

Blue Dots [ • ] to the left of the sources have external links to either a copy of a source or detailed information on that source.
External Links Pages will be added per chronological section on this Sources page.
Be patient and return several times until all Links Pages are added.


Prehistoric/Mythic: Roman: Post-Roman: Early Mediæval: True Mediæval: Early Modern:

“There is more of Rome*, than of Romance, about Arthuriana”Glyn Hnutu-healh
*and Achæa, Akkad, Alans, Anglia, Arameans, Armorica, Assyria, Babylon, Briton, Cambria, Canaan, Cornwall, Crete, Cumbria, Dalriada, Domnonia, Egypt,
Etruscans, ExtraTerrestrials, France, Frisia, Gaul, Greece, Hindavi, Hittites, Huns, Hurrians, Idubor, Ireland, Judæa, Jutland, Lydia, Macedonia,
Mesopotamia, Mycenæa, Narts, Norse, Persia, Phoenicia, Phrygia, Picts, Saxony, Scotland, Semites, Sumer, Ugarit, and Wales — to name a few

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